Flowers, Trees, and Garden

Dancing Fireflies /30 x 40/ sold

Enchanted Forest 30 x 40/

Fall Tree 12 x 12 on Board/ original available at Whimsey


White flower Bouquet /16 x 24/ Original available

Glistening Trees /30 x 40/ Sold


Three Butterflies/ original available

Butterflies and Roses/ original available


The stars at night/ 9 x 12/Original available

Market Flowers/ Sold


Water Lillies /24 x 24/ original available

Blue Skys /9 x 12/ Original available

Illumination of Fall/ 24 x 24/ Sold

Seattle Cherryblossom/ 40 x 60/ Sold

Spring in Seattle 36 x 48


Hanafubuki /22 x 28 /Sold


California Oak Tree/ 24 X 24/Sold

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