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Heidi Barnett lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest, a location whose gorgeous natural scenery profoundly inspires her work. Descended from a family of artists, the turn towards painting as an outlet for her creative passions followed early and naturally.

But it is the innovative techniques that she employs and the emotive expression of her work that captivates audiences. Organic Pointillism, her paintings draw on many influences including those of nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists as diverse as Monet, Seurat, Van Gogh, Klimt, and Pollock. While finding inspiration from her artistic forbearers, her compositions forge a distinctly new path in the art world.

Heidi’s work ranges from canvases to expansive murals and can be found in private homes, café’s, galleries, hospitals, and schools. Her murals grace the downtown corridors of Seattle, Washington, and Reno, Nevada, and have received critical acclaim in regional media outlets, both in print and on television.

Color represents Heidi’s first and most fundamental inspiration, and her vibrant paintings have earned her a devoted following. Largely self-taught, the past five years represent a time of great experimentation, liberation, and personal growth in terms of her technique and style.

Affectionately dubbed the “Q-tip Artist” by her fans, Heidi experiments with palette knives, fingers, and a variety of eclectic tools – including Q-tips – to apply paint to her canvases. Raw, dynamic, and vibrant, her work hints at the fundamentals of Pointillism while pushing the style in new, captivating directions.

Unlike Seurat – who approached painting methodically and scientifically, often, at the cost of expressivity and movement – Heidi’s compositions are heady, organic, exuberant, and bursting with raw emotion. Whimsical and dream-like, her subjects appear improvised, as if the onlooker has stumbled upon a secret world of surrealism and symbolism.

She describes her work this way: “I am not a fan of straight lines or picture perfect realism, although that has its place in art. I like to take chances, focusing on color – not the object – and breaking up the restriction of lines. Straying from the confines of a paint brush, I have moved on to objects such as pallet knives, forks, my fingers, and Q-tips, which prevent me from getting too tight, too bound. I love the circular shape which I get from various items.”

When not experimenting with new painting techniques or working on an expansive mural, Heidi teaches art classes to seniors. “Art is therapeutic. It is life, and I want to help others express their emotions and life stories without worrying about staying in the lines. I will continue to work to share my love of life, color and texture on canvas. It is my passion and my voice in the world.””

Visit her blog to see her latest pieces

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23 Comments on “Heidi Barnett

  1. Dear Heidi,
    My husband stopped for coffee at the Walnut Street Cafe and fell in love with your octopus painting. We picked it up today. It is beautiful. The circle shapes almost make it look like it was painted by an octopus using its tentacles! I like to call it Seur-actopus, in tribute to Seurat. Thank you for using your talent to enrich our home and lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw your elephant giclee at Salt and Iron awhile back and am very interested if you still have it!



  3. Hello Heidi,

    Hopefully you still have the painting of the Crow which was recently perched at the Hi Life in Ballard. This would be a Christmas gift for my wife Denise, who is in love with Crows and your painting.


    • I do! I was just about to put it in a new show this week, but I will set it aside if you want it. Let me know and we can meet up this week.
      Best wishes!
      Heidi Barnett


  4. Heidi, I work at Snohomish County and have fallen for one of your paintings, a red tree. Is this for sale?


    • Yes it is! It will be in Snohomish until the end of November, but then it will be available. Let me know if you would be interested in purchasing it.
      Thank you ,


  5. Heidi painted for us two x portraits of our Siamese cat which we absolutely love. She took in our input, provided us sketches, cost estimates, sent us images of the final products, and shipped the paintings to our new home in Chicago. We love the colors she chose and how much she paid attention to our initial feedback. Very easy and straightforward process. We wish we had the money and room for her entire collection. 🙂


  6. Hi Heidi, I have just picked up a copy of ‘BEGINNING COLOR MIXING’ by Kimberly Adams and on flicking through the pages came to page 49 and was blown away with the impact of your lion painting. I am a sixtynine year young who has found color and so interested in pointilism. I am keen to know how your method differs from George Seurat? I notice that you use Q tips, do you make your own or use the commercial brands? I live in South Australia which gives me the opportunity to use our extraordinary light.


  7. Hi Heidi,
    I’ve just stumbled upon your work and love it!! I will be signing up to your email updates to see new works. I read that you teach seniors…do you also teach pre-seniors?


    • Thank you so much! I do have classes, no definite date at this point. I am glad you signed up for my email. As soon as I have my next series of classes started I will put it out in an email!
      Best wishes,


  8. Hello Heidi,
    My name is Andy Sible. Saw your work in whimsy in Fairhaven!
    Love it!!!!!!!!!
    Would you be interested in showing a few pieces in a salon in Bellevue. Your work is amazing. I’m sure some might sell.
    The salon is GLAMsociety is you want to check us out. Pleasure.

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  9. Dear Heidi,

    I work for Traner Smith & Company in downtown Edmonds, and I am interested in the pricing of Seattle Evening for our office. I am also wondering if you would ever do something similar to Seattle Rain again? I liked the lighter sky and addition of green in the foreground.


    • Hi Laura Pawley,
      I am sorry for the slow response, I somehow missed your email.
      Seattle evening is still available this piece is $1900.
      I can do commissions but , my commissions are out till next year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at warpfrenzy@msn.com I would be happy to bring it to you and we can hang it to see how it looks in the space you are considering.
      Best wishes,
      Heidi Barnett


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